Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Challenges

In case you still need inspiration, here are the challenges I’ve decided on and why.

·    Write an I-like-this-about-you note/text/email each day for someone – What better way to brighten someone else’s day than with a small reminder of why you appreciate them? Not only will this make me feel good, it will make the recipient feel good and it will strengthen our relationship. It takes minimal effort and may actually help me to reconnect with people I’ve fallen out of touch with.

·    Talk to one stranger each day – Remember “stranger danger”? That talk kids get at school and from parents? I took that talk to the extreme. Actually, I’m just very nervous in social situations and I’ve been told that I can make a rather negative first impression. I think I’m shy. Other people think I’m a ___(insert expletive here). Practicing talking to strangers, even just saying hello in the elevator, will help me be more open to new people and new situations.

·    Take a cold shower every day – Most people think this is crazy, but there is a plethora of info out there on the health benefits of cold showers – from helping with insomnia to super-charging your immune system to revitalizing your skin. Google it! The water doesn’t have to be ice-cold and you work gradually toward cooler and cooler water.

·    “Don’t” Tuesdays – I’m combining a few into full-day, once-a-week challenges, every Tuesday. Week 1: don’t complain; Week 2: don’t tell a lie; Week 3: don’t judge; Week 4: combine all three.

·    100 push ups  – It may take more than 30 days, but I’m going to follow the schedule until I get there. J

Why not share your challenges and your reasons for choosing them? Post them in the comments link below.


Kat said...

This is such a great idea. Thanks for hosting Sarah! My challenges are:
1) Wake up earlier - I skip breakfast, skip workouts, and get to work late because I am NOT an early riser. This is bad for my health, productivity, and wallet (when I cancel last minute on my personal trainer that is). And staying till 8pm at work to make up for coming in late is just as bad.
2) Practice self-compassion - I've also been trying over the last year to change my life and I've been making a lot of progress, but this is one place that I have not improved on at all. I had hoped it would just naturally get better when I was thinner, or less stressed, or doing other more fun stuff but maybe this is something that doesn't "just get better". Maybe I have to be pro-active about it. So that's my plan for this month.
3) Only healthy lunches. My definition of healthy is pretty wide though... :)

Sarah said...

As the recipient of your first "tell someone why they're awesome" email of the month, I have to say that I hope it made you feel as great as it did me-- you are spreading good vibes already!