Sunday, March 25, 2012

"But how do you shave your legs?!"

One aspect of the cold shower challenge I absolutely love is the way most people react when I tell them about it. Most cock their heads, attempting to comprehend how a person could voluntarily subject herself to that kind of torture…for 30 days! As I explain the claimed benefits of cold water therapy, they usually nod slowly, not really taking in anything I'm saying, but waiting to ask this all-important question: "But how do you shave your legs?!"

My response: I don't. Well, not in the shower, anyway.

Initially, I would tell people that the challenge is one cold shower a day. It doesn't say every shower has to be cold. So, theoretically, I could take a warm shower at some other point in the day to do all those girly things girls do in the shower. Or take a bubble bath. Before the challenge, I was addicted to bubble baths, taking three to four a week. It's so relaxing to slide into a tub of bubbles with a great book and a glass of wine. But at this point in the challenge, I'm so addicted to the cold showers, that I don't even bother with warm water anymore and I've only had three bubble baths in the last three weeks--the last two of which actually ended with my draining the hot water and (slowly) refilling the tub with cold. It's just so exhilarating!

So back to the original question. It's really not that complicated. I sit at the edge of the tub and use my very convenient hand-held shower head, with warm water. No mystery.

However, I have started washing my face with cold water. I noticed in the shower that the sensation of the cold water was strongest on my face and scalp. So now, even when I'm not in the shower, I wash my face with cold water. Even if you're not up for the cold showers, see how it feels to splash cold water on your face.

Check out Natalia's blog posts about finishing her 30-day cold shower challenge and moving on to the 30-day ICE cold shower challenge. Good luck, Natalia!


Natalia said...

Sarah I love this post! My favourite line is this one: "But at this point in the challenge, I'm so addicted to the cold showers, that I don't even bother with warm water anymore." Totally went through that myself! Crazy how we both thought the idea was a little insane when we first started.
Heh I wash my face in the shower =D.
Thanks for the shoutout too! Heh it's not actually ice, but ice-like ;o) (the coldest my tap will go! It *feels* like ice).

Natalia said...

P.s. did you take a look at the words of inspiration for when the going gets tough at this link?
I summarized my favs in my ice-cold-shower post, but there might be others in the original that speak to you =). Karl Meltzer's words were the ones that resonated most with me =).

Sarah Jane said...

Natalia! I know, I never thought I would feel this way about cold water. It's so crazy, but I'm converted.

I really like that "battle of the mind" concept. So much of challenging yourself really *is* mental ability. Once you realize your limits are in your mind, you open yourself to so much potential!

Love it!

Natalia said...

P.s. Joel Runyon just blogged about cold shower therapy =):