Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Challenges

Today marks Day 1 of this round of challenges and, once again, I'm really excited to get started. Here's my confirmed list of challenges for April.

Continuing from March:
Hundred Push-ups Challenge
Cold showers (yep, that's right!)

Adding this month:
Paleo diet
Walking to work
Two-Hundred Sit-ups Challenge

For any newcomers or anyone who needs to be reminded of why this is an awesome initiative, refer to these earlier posts! (Why Are We Doing This Again? and How It All Started)


Kat said...

My Challenges continuing from March:
Wake earlier
Healthy Lunch
Self Compassion (list of three things I'm grateful for).

My new April Challenge:
Hundred Pushup Challenge. I just surprised my self that I could do three! That's three more than I thought I could.

Natalia said...

Awesome! I might be joining the paleo bandwagon. Probably need to do a bit more research, are you planning on posting any resources to share what that challenge actually means? =D (apparently there are also some vegetables you're not supposed to eat on paleo, e.g. I think squash, potatoes etc....are you going to listen to that?) I think I'm just going to eliminate grains.

Btw why are you doing situps? Are those good for you? (I've heard they aren't). I've also heard that the plank is actually much more effective, since you're fighting gravity to stay up. (If bored with planks, try some nice starfish planks, side planks, plank to pushups etc). Hmm maybe I'll do some sort of plank a day exercise...I also question the utility of getting up to 200 situps....just something to think about =).

Exciting that the cold showers continue! Are you making them even colder or just sticking with them as is? I realized that last night was the first night I missed my nightly cold shower =( (I did have a morning cold shower that day so still met my challenge, but I feel I missed out on a night of deep sleep). Heh that's okay though,
I'll have another tonight =D.

Yay challenges! Sounds like there's this whole movement now, super awesome =D.