Friday, March 23, 2012

What's your reward?

For most of us, tomorrow marks the official countdown! You’ll be in the home stretch. Can you believe it? Didn’t the time fly by?

Time to start thinking about how you’ll celebrate the end of your challenge(s). Devour an entire pan of brownies next Saturday morning? Toast your success with a fish-bowl-sized glass of wine? Treat yourself to that greasy cheeseburger you’ve been avoiding all month?

Whatever it is, start planning your reward (if you haven’t already) because I challenge you to make an extra special effort for the last week! I challenge you to absolutely, positively stick with your challenges each and every day for those last 7 days. No cutting corners, no making excuses! For the last week, I challenge you to go hard or go home.

Work for that reward and feel like you really earned it. Come on, it’s 7 more days. You got this!


Natalia said...

=). Eat some nice mangoes or watermelon or papayas! =)
What are you going to do for the next month??

Sarah Jane said...

Post on my new challenges coming soon!