Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Before I die I want to…"

Alright, readers, it's time for an informal poll!

As part of my challenges for this month, I decided to watch one TED talk per day and it's been such a treat! I have to restrain myself from posting every talk I watch. I just want to share them all. Anyway, I recently watched this moving and heart-felt talk featuring Candy Chan, designer and TED Fellow. It prompted me to add an additional challenge to my list for the last two weeks of September: create my own little bucket list by adding two items each day, giving me a list of 28 to-do items by the end of the month.

So far, my list consists of the following (as you can see, I've been adding a few more than two per day!):
- own and run a successful business
- have a real home office
- reconcile with my mom
- own a boat and live aboard it
- see the pyramids in Egypt
- visit Machu Picchu 
- explore Easter Island
- return to Rome
- love without fear of loss
- own nice furniture
- take an astronomy course
- cruise the Mediterranean 
- grow my own organic food
- write a book
- get that book published
- dance competitively
- live completely debt-free
- be comfortable with spirituality
- fluently speak another language

As I finish my list over the next several days, I decided to take a reader poll and see if any others would offer their answers. Take a few minutes to watch the video and leave a comment indicating how you would finish that ever-so-important-but-often-neglected thought. 

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Natalia said...

You've inspired me to make my own list!

Before I die, I want to ...

Live with a hubby
Marry a hubby
Run an empire
Be a certified coach
Run relationship-strengthening and personal development retreats in exotic locations
Adore my work
Be fluent in Spanish
Write a book
Have contributed $300,000+ to women in developing countries (have taken some small steps to get there:
Be capable of 5 pullups