Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Act more like dogs?

This weekend my ears perked up at a curious radio ad suggesting we all act more like dogs: be friendly, presume others are too! It was a spot for the movement People for Good and it really stuck with me, particularly in the context of some of our challenges--from talking to strangers to performing random acts of kindness.

Over the last few days, I've been wavering in my resolve to talk to talk to strangers; I've been tired and cranky, which makes talking to the people I actually like really difficult, let alone complete strangers. But after a quick Google search and a cursory scan of the People for Good website, my resolve is renewed! Why wouldn't that person next to me on the subway appreciate a warm smile and a 'Good morning!' greeting? Why wouldn't that security guard where I work appreciate my asking how his day is going? Why wouldn't that grocery store clerk appreciate my wishing her a great night? Granted, I may still run into some brick walls, but why not assume that the random people I'm about to talk to will actually appreciate my doing so? It certainly makes it easier for me.

Not only have I renewed my resolve, I've also started populating my list of challenges for April (and May) from their Good Ideas page. Who knew making a difference could be as easy as always holding doors for people? Or giving away your umbrella? Or just assuming that people are NICE by default!

If you've not yet heard of People for Good (which is a local movement, by the way), check out this clip from Global News. Then go to peopleforgood.ca and get inspired!

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Anonymous said...

Nice! =D Checking out that website now.
What are your challenges for April and May?