Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 16...Basically Another Day 1

For many of us, yesterday was Day 15, which means we've officially crossed into the second half of our challenge period. A huge virtual high five to my fellow participants!

Whether you've been perfectly on track or somewhat less than stellar with your challenges, you should be proud that you made a commitment to push yourself. And really, Day 16 is just Day 1 of the second half of the month. This is your chance to reset if you've been faltering—renew your resolve, recommit to your challenges, and move forward with a positive attitude. You have two weeks of empty check-boxes just dying to be checked! Or gold star stickers just waiting to be stuck!

As for me, I'm very pleased with my progress: I alternately love/hate my cold showers but I do actually look forward to them (honestly), I've seen serious results with the pushup challenge, I'm finding it ever easier to talk to random people, and my daily notes of appreciation have been hugely successful. I'm not saying I don't have bad days, because I do. In particular, on Don't Complain Tuesday, I only made it to the morning. But looking at the big picture, I'm on track and going strong.

16 days down, 14 to go!

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