Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend #3

This weekend was a huge success for me in terms of progress.

Push Ups
Today I officially graduated to Week 3 in the Hundred Push ups Challenge. Granted, at this rate, it'll be about a year before I get to 100, but it's so motivating to see progress from workout to workout. The next step is an exhaustion test to see just how many I can manage at this stage and I'm really stoked to see what I can do. Tune in Tuesday for my results!

Talking to Strangers
Yesterday's St. Patrick's Day festivities presented the perfect opportunity to talk to strangers. Whether they were imbued with the spirit of the day or too much beer, strangers were more than willing to chat! Add to that my resolving yesterday morning to greet every person I saw on the street during my run, I must have talked to over a dozen strangers. Honestly, it keeps getting easier. In fact, strangers have started talking to me! Friday morning, while I was waiting for the subway, a fellow TTC rider motioned for me to take out my headphones so she could compliment me on my hairstyle.

Cold Showers
I think I may have found my personal hangover cure. This morning, that cold water felt so good. I emerged from the shower feeling refreshed, energized and completely distracted from the troublesome feeling in my tummy. On top of that, this afternoon, after lounging in a tub of bubbles, I emptied the warm water and slowly filled the tub with cold. I'm telling you, I'm hooked.

Appreciation Notes
I was concerned that I had made one of my friends super-uncomfortable with one of my This-is-why-you-rock emails, since days had gone by and she hadn't sent me any kind of response. Not that I expect responses to these notes. However, my experience so far has been that the recipient is incredibly touched by the gesture and quickly lets me know how much it brightened his or her day (week/month/year)! But this particular friend made no reply. I was pretty confident that she'd received and read the message. I could see from Facebook that she'd been active online. I was perplexed when more than a week went by with no contact from her whatsoever. I was starting to wonder if I should call her to explain what I was doing and apologize if I'd made her uncomfortable. However, she emailed me on Friday and let me know that she did in fact appreciate my note and how much it meant to her.

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Natalia said...

Awesome! Great progress Sarah!
I'm going to need some tips from you hehe re: talking to strangers. I'm starting that challenge in a couple days.
Glad to hear you're hooked on the cold showers! They're amazing. And the pushup program is tough - I spent 2 weeks on Week 2 and a whole month on Week 3. Now I'm on Week 4 for my 3rd time through.
Keep at it! Sounds like you're rocking it.
P.s. Sooo amazing when you find hangover cures =D. I found that a coffee and swimming laps helps me =D.